1. Always available analysis

Scan any item, anytime, anywhere with the always on Lumi™ solution

2. Frontline staff protected from sample exposure

Get results without having to handle the item samples, protecting frontline staff from exposure and maintaining the integrity of samples

3. Electronic case and sample records

A fully electronic case record generated for every sample, ensuring complete chain of custody and a consistent process from the point of interception

4. Data informed deployment

Every result instantly available for review and monitoring in the comprehensive analytics platform

5. Forensic quality and reliability engineered in

results underpinned by a forensic organisation with an international reputation for quality forensic services

6. Police enabled access control

Secure access and authentication controlled by your organisation.

A wellbeing focus

As a tool, Lumi™ goes beyond law enforcement - the access to rich insights are just as important to those on the frontline of health care. Just imagine the benefits that come with being able to know almost immediately the bag of white powder with the unconscious person brought to the emergency department is MDMA, and being able to prescribe the best course of action rapidly without awaiting lab results - potentially saving lives.

"When you are showing them the evidence right then and there on Lumi™ saying: 'this is what it's come back with, it's clear to both of us what the substance is, and I want to give you help for your drug habit by giving you a referral' – it makes it easier to interact with them." – frontline New Zealand Police officer

Be part of a growing global community

With interest in the Lumi™ service growing from agencies around the world, so too do Lumi™'s powerful analytics and insights. This yields a snapshot of drug usage trends unrivalled in clarity and accuracy, with clear benefits for agencies involved in intercepting drugs at international borders.